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Dr Tim Beasley-Murray, UCL/SSEES:

Tim Beasley-Murray is Senior Lecturer in European Thought and Culture at UCL. His research deals with literature, philosophy and political theory in European culture broadly, especially French, German, Russian, and Czech and Slovak.  Tim has worked on a variety of topics that include conceptions of experience and silence in the thought of Mikhail Bakhtin and Walter Benjamin, ideas of revolution with particular reference to 1989; themes of seed and creativity in Benjamin; Czech and Slovak literature; children’s literature; ideas of dissent, in particular in Havel, and miracle in political theory.  The paths that lead him to the questions of political passions include his work on revolution, an on-going interest in the thought of Hannah Arendt and a book-length project on the French writer, Emmanuel Carrère, Tim intends to contribute to the project through his research into ideas of the animal and affect in theory and literature, in particular in the work of French novelist, Yannick Haenel.

Alessandro De Arcangelis, UCL:

Alessandro De Arcangelis is a PhD candidate at UCL. He is interested in European intellectual history, with a strong focus on XIX century political thought. His current research focuses on the exchange between German and Italian – specifically Neapolitan – intellectuals during the first half of the XIX century, in connection with the 1848 revolutionary movements, as well as the process of political unification of the country.

Dr Dina Gusejnova, UCL/Centre for Transnational History and Queen Mary:

Dina Gusejnova is a Lecturer in Modern European History at Queen Mary and an Honorary Research Associate at UCL’s Centre for Transnational History. She works on German intellectual and cultural history in global perspective. Her interest in research on emotions is connected to her work on affective communities and cosmopolitan thought shaped by experiences of war and detention in the twentieth century.

Prof Axel Körner, UCL/Centre for Transnational History:
Axel Körner is Professor of Modern History at the Department of History of UCL and Director of the UCL Centre for Transnational History. He mostly works on the cultural and intellectual history of nineteenth-century Europe (Italy, France, Germany and the Habsburg Monarchy), with a particular interest in the history of music theatre.

Dr Uta Staiger, UCL/European Institute:

Uta Staiger is Deputy Director of the UCL European Institute and teaches in the Department of History. She is currently researching the role of emotions in Hannah Arendt’s theory of political action. More generally, she is interested in the intersection of emotions and politics both in intellectual history and in cultural representations, including theatre and architecture.